Friday, February 02, 2007

back to sanity

I'm finally back again at London, which means life is back to normal, where everything is self service.
Going home was good, I got to shop and eat A LOT, but the best part of all was probably getting to see my adorable nephews. And getting this

My new toy, Apple MacbookPro 15.4". Pretty cool, huh? My dad was trying to force me into buying the 17" version, but it was just too intimidating for me. Especially since my old notebook was a mere 11". I haven't got around learning all the cool things I can do with it yet, but I'll just take my time and have fun with it. Oh, check out the little box at the background, I got a new iPod Shuffle too! I own an iPod Video which is great, but it's just way too bulky for my less than occassional workout session.

Oh, and we have an FO too!

Le' Slouch
Pattern Source: Wendy at Knit And Tonic
Yarn: Phildar Impact No. 3 1/2, 100% Acrylic
Needle: 4mm 40cm circular
Comments: I was worried I couldn't pull off the look, but I think it looks okay, not that I'm going to be wearing it anyway. Since I used thinner yarn and smaller needles and have bigger-than-average head I cast on 90 sts instead of the required 68 sts. I'm loving the seed stich, real neat.

After finishing it last night, I cast on for the little cardigan thing on the cover of the new Vogue. Here's my first pentagon

It really was super easy to make. I used the pure alpaca yarn I got from Florence and size 5mm needle. I, as usual, was too lazy to swatch, but I think it will turn out fine even though I use thinner yarn and smaller needle. I'm hoping this would be a quick knit, as knitting in parts makes the progress seems much faster. And the colour is also Project Spectrum appropriate.


Vanessa said...

Welcome back girl! wow your dad is way cool....if I were you, I'll definitely pick the bigger one.

Le' Slouch is very cute! Come on I think you look great in it.

opportunityknits said...

Hi Yuvee, good to have you back! Le Slouch looks good on you :)

joy said...

I think le slouch looks good on you too!

Peggy said...

I love your new laptop! Le Slouch is very cute on you!

R a i n said...

Wow...the looks is so phunky on you!

Miss Amy said...

I too just got a mac notebook and am trying to find my way through all of the new stuff. Good Luck. I will be signing up for some classes here soon.

C-ya, Miss Amy

frecklegirl jess said...

Orange slouch- so cute!

I love my 15"- it gives you plenty of space! No need for the 17... unless you do some crazy stuff with your computer!