Monday, March 21, 2005

Last Day Of Holiday--- ;( or ;) ?

Well....after a full week of idling around (ok, not axactly...but still...), I finally get to go back to my monotone school life. I've got a mixed feeling on this, I'm glad that I got to see my friends but I dreaded having to stay on those boring classes.
Anyway, this week had been a quite productive week after all. I finished knitting another handbag ,started on a new project and knit a hair scrunchie today(which I'm wearing now). I watched another Hong Kong's 25-series film, went to UK Edu Expo and finally took my IELTS exam yesterday.
Going to the expo reminds me over and over again that I REALLY HAVE TO make a portfolio if I want to apply for a design course. I'm still clueless of what to do, but at least I've made 2 fashion sketches since Thursday and I bought a book called ADVERTISING ILLUSTRATION Step-by-step Techniques yesterday.
I made some attemp to work with clay again today, but those paper clay are hopeless and really hard to model. I'm not sure if it's because I bought them years ago, but I suspect that it is because the whole thing just won't stick together no matter how many times I add water.
I went to the gym twice this week, which is bad, since I usually went there at least 3 times a week when I have school. I used up my Personal Training coupons on those 2 times and burned few hundred calories, which is nice, but quite useless since I've been eating non-stop this week.
I passed an indian mini-market yesterday during the IELTS break and bought a Henna paste. I made 2 tattoos just now, one on my left arm and one on the inner side of my right feet. I didn't make any design first, so it turned out kind of strange.
Well... wish me all the best... I really hope that I have the determination and commitment to make a really good portfolio and lose 15 kg before my graduation.

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