Saturday, October 18, 2008


Please tell me you've all been there. When every projects just seem so...NOT RIGHT. I know a lot of people like to modify patterns, but for me, when I'm following a pattern, I'd want to follow it blindly. But sometimes when things are just not working out I'd have to suck it in and ACTUALLY USE MY BRAIN.
Remember the February Lady Sweater that I started?
February Lady Sweater WIP
This has since been frogged. The pattern itself is simply gorgeous, but I've had my doubt from the beginning about how it will suit my body shape. The yarn is looking gorgeous in garter stitch that made me almost want to close my eyes and just knit away. And the old days I would've done just that, and stuck the FO somewhere unseen. Maybe I'm growing up as a knitter, just maybe.
Then there's this
Cardigan for Arwen WIP
This is 15.5" of the back of Cardigan for Arwen. I've since frogged it back down to 5", did some waist decrease and bust increase and frogged it all. Now, I think the cardigan looks gorgeous in the magazine (why else would I want to knit it?), and look great on the other knitters' projects I've seen in Ravelry. But a square back just seems wrong for me. The cardigan is meant to be loose fitting, but loose fitting garments make me feel frumpy and chances are I won't be wearing it much. And the drop sleeves? I can't even think of how many years it has been since I last worn drop sleeves. So it's frogged and I'm back to square one.
And remember this? You haven't seen it for a long time, have you?
Ivy League Vest WIP
Yep, it's my Ivy League vest that I started...uh...some time ago. So when I went home for summer holiday I brought tons of WIPs and new projects with me because of course I thought I could finish 3 pair of socks, a vest, a cardigan, two tops and a shawl in 3 months. My luggage on my back was mainly filled with the same WIPs. Anyway, the vest is still a WIP, however I left the IK issue that the pattern is in back at home. Which is not the problem since I was being "clever" and took high resolution pictures of the pattern before I left. Problem is, I forgot the last page, where the instructions for the neck shaping, steeking (eek!) and neck and arm bands are.
But no worries! I'll be going home AGAIN next month for my cousin's wedding and with some luck we might have a finished vest by 2008.

At least I DO have some things to show
Mystery Sock KAL WIP
I'm enjoying this Mystery Sock KAL very much, and how often have you seen me take so many progress pictures?

And here's the stunner, if I may say so
Ene's Scarf
Ene's Scarf
Pattern Source: Ene's Scarf by Nancy Bush (Scarf Style)
Yarn: Malabrigo Lace, 1.1 skeins
Needles: 4.00mm
I finally got around to blocking it last week and took some decent pictures earlier today (my housemate saw me taking pictures outside and she positively thought I was mad). The pattern was really simple but highly effective, although it did took me quite a while to cast on 375 stitches. And the was delicious to work with. So soft and light. I have almost a whole skein of leftovers, it really goes a long way. One thing I've always admired from this pattern is how the lace patterns cleverly meet in the middle and create those arrows. Gorgeous. Now I think I want a thicker shawl, or a wrap that I can actually wear without being concerned of spoiling it. This one is so delicate that I feel slightly unworthy.
Ene's Scarf


joy said...

Your Ene is really pretty!

opportunityknits said...

Your Ene's scarf is really gorgeous!

mirvettium said...

Wow gorgeous Ene, I am tempted to try the same!

Anonymous said...

It's so annoying when you have to frog (or toss) projects, but at least you can re-use the yarn for something that you'll actually wear and feel pretty in. :)

amanda said...

I know how you feel - as tempted as I am to cast on for the popular projects right now (like the Feb. Lady), I feel like it won't flatter my body at all... it takes time, but knowing what patterns to pick is the real key to getting a great FO!!!