Sunday, March 16, 2008

Christmas trip report, much belated

It's been 3 months since I promised to show my trip pictures. My excuse would be that we took more than 1500 pictures and boy, they were hard to sort out.
I wouldn't want to bombard you with tons of pictures(I do, really, but you might run away), so here they are in mosaic! Aren't they clever?
First stop, Vienna!

What we did:
-Visited a museum (check out first pic!)
- Hanged out with musicians (that's me and Schubert there on third pic from the left!)
- Went to the zoo on Christmas day!
- Christmas market
- Wrote on ice!!

Next stop, Prague

What we did:
- Checked out the AMAZING architecture
- Ate A LOT (don't worry, we walked a lot too)
- Walked by the riverside
- Got some action (check first picture bottom left)

Last stop, Brussels

What we did:
- Ate some more
- Met Smurf!
- Checked out the cool graffiti
- Filled my suitcase with fresh Belgian pralines
- Flea market shopping

In case you're wondering why I finally end my procrastinating and do this post, it's because I'll have lots more to show soon! Off to Swiss tomorrow, see you guys in two weeks!


Bajanknitter said...

ummmmmmmm A trip right now sounds so lovely. Looks like your having a grand time.

Kessa said...

Looks like that was alot of fun!Prague is definitely on my list of to-visit-one-day.

R a i n said...

WOW!!! Hope you have a fab time!

Rina said...

Lovely photos. Fabulous! Looks like you are having a blast.