Sunday, February 17, 2008

Late night knitting

It is now waaayyy past midnight, I've done pretty much nothing work-wise the whole day, and we're having a client meeting next Tuesday that I'm so not prepared for. It is technically weekend, but really I am supposed to be working my ass off every single minute I have. But obviously I'm not. Instead, I watched TV, ate a lot, baked some muffins, and of course, I knit.

About fifteen minutes ago, I looked at the clock and it's over 2 a.m., and thought that the right thing to do would be to go to bed so I won't wake up past lunch time again. Then I cast on for a new project, because I'm hopeless like that.

This is the very beginning of Back-to-school u-neck vest from Fitted Knits. The yarn I'm using is Cascade 220 Heather, which I actually got specifically for this project back during the Knit Happens sale last year. I'm hoping this would be my simple, mindless knit, because I need one of those going on at all time.
Anyway, I'm knitting this (2nd row now!) while listening to new(-ish) knitting podcasts. There were Faery Knitting, Knitty Nora's knitting natter, and Knitting Rose. They are all pretty good so far, so they'll be staying on my subscription list. I've listened to some in the past where I just CANNOT stand the voice of the podcaster, it's a really personal thing, I guess.

And of course, I was knitting something else before I cast on for the vest.

This is half (sans thumb) of Herringbone Mittens(link to pdf) by Elliphantom.
I was feeling a bit guilty of not giving any decent Christmas present for some of my good friend (they did get Belgian pralines though!), that I promised to knit them something. One wanted gloves/mittens, the other wants a hat. This pattern has been on my queue on Ravelry for quite a while and I LOVE all the versions I've seen, so it was an easy choice. Plus I had the perfect yarn in stash, Knit Picks Wool of Andes. I'm knitting the second now, while constantly worrying of running out of yarn. But it has been a fun project so far.
My friend (the will be mittens recipient) said a really funny thing, she didn't want fingerless hand-warmers, not because they're not functional, etc (heard this one lots), but because she thinks they look "metal", you know, like punk rock style? I was like WTF?! Obviously she hasn't seen tons of the pretty pretty ones that knitters have made, not that there's anything bad with "metal".

So it's past 3 a.m. now, so I might actually get some sleep and hopefully have the motivation to work my ass off tomorrow.

P.S: Like my new header? Yeah, that's what I was spending my day doing, lol.


Lily said...

Yes, I do love your new header. Good luck with your work.

Rina said...

LOL. The new header is cute!
Good luck with your work. Hope you sort things out.
The mittens looks great (and comfy too)

Queen of the froggers said...

I like the new header, very cheerful! Those herringbone mitts are great.

Mimi said...

Very cute banner! It sounds you had a fun day filled with knitting and yummy muffins. Don't you wish that the days were longer for more knitting? ;)

Elemmaciltur said...

Brava for the perfect procrastination! :-p

amanda said...

Late night knitting is often very productive, isn't it? Cute mittens, too!