Thursday, May 31, 2007


So....I finished Monkey last week

Pattern source: Monkey socks from by Cookie A.
Yarn: Trekking ProNatura
Needle: 2.5mm 80cm Addi Turbo
Comments: Ok, so these socks are not as well fitting as my Hedera since I didn't know how to modify the heels. It's a bit of a struggle putting them on as I have to pull really hard, but once they're on, they're pretty.
I LOVE the yarn too, it has 25% bamboo in it that gives it a gorgeous sheen and that "crispy" feel I just love. The pattern is positively addictive too, I'm already contemplating a second pair! One thing though, I never had to block my socks but with this pattern I think some good blocking would make it look so much better. Now I'm thinking of getting one of those fancy sock blockers ;) Or I can just make my day.

After finishing those Monkeys, I was at lost. I have NOTHING to work on!!
So, it was time to cast on for something new. But what?? I tried casting on for some stuffs but none of them work out well. Wrong yarn, wrong needle, wrong gauge. If you've been there I'm sure you know how frustrating it is.
Here's an example

I cast on for Endpaper Mitts by Eunny with the Regia Silks that I used for the Entrelac Socks. Who knew that ripping entrelac is such a pain in the a**. I worked it with 2.5mm needle since that's the size I stock in 80cm length. There's no way I can do colourworks with dpns. If you know the pattern, it calls for 2.75mm for the smallest size. My hands might be my only body parts that are not L size, but they're definitely not XS. When I tried it on I'm convinced it'd cut my blood circulation if I actually wear it. So it's being put on hold while I'm waiting for 3.00mm Addi Lace needle to arrive. I do miss doing colourwork though.
I also tried knitting other stuffs, but with similar devastating (yes, devastating) results. Then I remembered that somebody said something about "when you're unsure, do what you know best" or something along the line. So I did.

Pattern source: Fetching from
Yarn: Lang Silk Dream, 1 skein
Needle: 4.00mm 60cm circular x 2
Comments: The yarn is leftover from my Sporty Cardi that I've been wanting to use up. Since I lost my beloved first Fetching somewhere between Venice and Paris, I fgure it's time to make a replacement. The top part of the first one of the pair came out a bit too short for my liking, so I did an extra cable repeat. I was worried about running out of yarn, but I had yards of leftovers. The yarn is still gorgeous and lovely to work with, makes me want to knit a pair in every colour.

The Fetching handwarmer only took me a night (ok, a very long night) to knit. So I needed somethine else to knit while watching all those Korean dramas.

Le' Slouch
Pattern source: Le' Slouch by Wendy at
Yarn: Leisure yarn from Australia, 2 skeins
Needle: 4.00mm 40cm Addi Turbo
Comments: This is the third red Le' Slouch I've knitted, but this time, I'm keeping it. I cast on 96 stitches for my head and it fits quite well. I've even worn it for more than 10 minutes today, which really is a record.
I cast on for it last night and finished it at around 4 pm, after ripping out the whole crown because I was decreasing in the wrong way and ended up with pixie hat. I'm loving it so much that I forgot to snip away the ends before wearing it.

Now that they're done, I'm back at the same point again. Arrghhhh.......
I'm thinking of casting on for more socks, but it would mean winding yarns into balls.....I'd need to buy a swift first. Duh.


bradyphrenia said...

something will come to you. i feel certain of it. :-)

nice socks. that trekking natura looks like some nice stuff!

alltangledup said...

hehehehehehe it's like we're on psychic receive as we're both working our way through some cookie patterns! which one next?

opportunityknits said...

Wah, you're really knitting up a storm :) those monkey socks are real pretty and so is the red Le Slouch. You can knit all you want now since it's term break, right?

Mimi said...

Another pretty pair of monkey socks! Oh I like your shoes too!
I should make a pair of fetchings for me too, but only when the weather cools down.
I agree wiht you that is not easy to start a new project. Matching pattern, gauge, yarn is not that easy.

joy said...

Nice socks and those are really cute shoes! I just love all those quickie projects too.

Lisa said...

Love all the FOs! It seems you have been one busy girl.

Floderten said...

As always, lovely FO's! Those Monkey socks are absolutely gorgeous; you MUST make another pair! :D You can never have too many handknitted socks...

I feel your pain on not knowing what to knit - it's even worse if you don't have any yarn, and it's a time when nothing's open so you can get some. :( I'll make twitching motions with my hands all day until I can get my hands on something to knit.. ;)

Those Fetching gloves are really nice, too, btw! Great colour!

Peggy said...

Wow, you are busy girl, I guess exams are over!! All the FOs are very nice... inspire me to hurry up!

Lily said...

I like your expression on the last photo (modelling le slouch). You look so cute :)

Queen Frogger said...

Those are really nice knits! I was like you with new projects the other week, now I have knits coming out of my ears!! You'll find something.

R a i n said...

Me Likey your Slouchy =D

Janine said...

I've just finished Monkey too - mine could do with a good blocking, but I'm not sure what to do as I've not blocked before. Weirdly, I used Trekking Pro-Natura too. Your's look nicer than mine! :)