Monday, March 12, 2007

bad girl

Again, I'm being a very bad blogger.
Could all of you please give me a tiny smack on the head for breaking my new year's resolution? Being an ambitious and unrealistic person that I am I had 52 things on my new year's resolution list, one of which is to blog at least once a week. I have no idea how many of them I've already broken. My goal is to keep at least one, because "being realistic" is also in the list ;)

I could blame my lack of proper photography device, but I'll admit that I've just been lazy. Time passes by too quickly, seriously.
My new camera should be arriving soon, and with spring 'kinda' here, maybe we'll be lucky enough to get some decent lighting. I'm really hoping to spend more time on improving my blog, so I might need for some technical helps in the future, help me out ok?

At least a lot of knitting has been going on here, I can barely wait to share with you guys!


Laura.Y said...

Ah, don't worry bout it dearie, :) we all get bz now and then. Cant wait to see ur knit knits.

Mimi said...

We all need some break!I do that all the time. :)I agree with you, when Spring arrives, it's like a new start. Your new camera will be a good incentive to post more.

peri said...

Looking forward to seeing new knitting photos ;=)

Vanessa said...

Is ok dear :) Everytime you come back from your "so call" knitting break, you have tons of finished items to show us.

Where have you been? Miss chatting with you too :) take care!

Peggy said...

Don't worry about it... just blog when you feel like it :) I look forward to seeing your pics when you get a new camera