Sunday, December 17, 2006

This time of the year

It's holiday again! For me it means time for travelling, of course.
In about 8 hours I'd be landing in Rome, Italy. Then on to Florence, Christmas in Venice and New Year in Paris.
Did some last minute packing yesterday, downloaded loads of podcasts into my iPod for those long train journeys, picked a project to knit on the way, etc. So hopefully it'll a blast and I'll be having the time of my life ;)

Now, for knitting(and crochet!) content

Quickie Crochet Mary-Janes
Pattern can be found here
This was really quick, easy and fun to make. And the result really is just too cute. I've got some not-so-subtle hinting from my friends to make one for them.

Last-Minute Handwarmer
Pattern: from LMKG
This is a last minute Christmas gift for our cleaning lady. Very quick and easy to make, I might make some for myself too.

This is a swatch of what I'll be knitting on my trip. Swish scarf, a free pattern from here. The yarn is Lang Mille Colori with some wonderful colours but a little too stripey for my liking. Do we like?

And this pile is what should be my Lang Sporty Cardigan. It's half-seamed, so at least we're getting there.
I think that's what should be top priority in my New Year resolution,
1. Finish all my UFOs.

Well, I should be getting ready. Will try to report on the way.
Just in case I couldn't, Merry Christmas everyone!


Mei said...

OY VEY! I'll be in France over the New Year too! ^.~

Anyways, you have fun k?

Vanessa said...

Enjoy your trip girl!! Christmas in Venice and New Year in Paris..that's so cool.

Sally said...

A Blessed Christmas to you and have a good time at the LYS too :)

Mimi said...

Wow, what a nice holiday plan! ;)
Your FOs are great to take along on your trips and keep you warm.
Yuvee, wish you a wonderful vacation! Have lots of fun!

Doreen said...

Have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas

joy said...

I wish I could crochet; those slippers are too cute! Have a wonderful holiday, Yuvee!

opportunityknits said...

Hope I can comment today, encountered some problem over the weekend, don't ask me what, I cannot remember a thing, no short term memory these days :)
I'm forever tempted by these cute crochet shoes. I start but never finish any :( Enjoy your holiday!

R a i n said...

Hope you have a great vacation. Here's wishing you a wonderful and blessed Christmas followed by a fabulous New Year!!

Peggy said...

Happy New Year and with you luck with achieving your new year's resolutions!I like the Mary Janes... but they are crochet...