Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hats talk

First, thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous post. I really appreciate them ;)
Now, you might have noticed that I knit a lot of hats.

Okay, so 8 hats in 2 years might not be a lot for some people, but for me, it is. The problem with these hats is....I can's stand wearing them. Not just these, but any hats, I can't stand wearing them for more than 10 minutes. It might be that I have ultra sensitive forehead, but even cotton ones won't work.
I do love knitting them though, they're so much fun and also quick to knit. All the hats I've ever knitted were for myself(as is 90% of my knits). I think the reason why I never knit hats for others is that I used to live in tropical region. Well, I don't knit much for other people anyway.
Now, I have a little question of etiquette for you guys. Is it okay to give some of my knitted hats as gifts? I mean, they ARE new, considering I only wear them for blog photoshoots. But it feels a little strange when I wasn't knitting it as a gift for certain person. So? moral opinion please. Oh, and the people I'm thinking of gifting have seen the hats before, so maybe it'd be a little tougher.

So...what's a girl to do when she can't wear hats? Well, the good news is she wears socks!
Thanks to Socktoberfest, I've been really inspired to carry on with sock knitting. Sure, it takes longer time to knit(tiny stitches!) and used up more yarns, but at least I get to wear them.
Uhm....this is my excuse for future(and present) sock yarns purchases.

I have always knit socks following patterns, and have always been forced to knit shorter legs because it wouldn't fit my gigantic calves otherwise. I also have thick heels, making me have to tug my socks hard to wear them. But that's all going to change, since now I've got the right resources to answer my problems.

Got myself 3 fabulous sock knitting books, and some other amazing knitting books. So hopefully with their helps I'd be able to create the perfect socks for my imperfect feet! I think toe-up socks would be the right way to start.

Anyway, I always reasoned with myself that books are too heavy and tedious when I need to move. But since I'll be staying in this area for at least another 3 years, my logic lose for good.


Sally said...

Me too, most 10 mins or to get me through the windy parts of campus (Warwick Uni) and the hat's off!

I've got 6 hats (8 if I'm generous) to whip up by end Nov, if only you're around here...:)

Laura.Y said...

hahaha dearie, I like your logic and reasoning on purchases! How bout a little get together "hat" party? Let them choose their hats?

opportunityknits said...

I know what you mean about hats. My other reason is that I just look wierd in hats, but I haven't tried a beret before, so maybe ... Laura's suggestion about a hat party sounds fun.
Enjoy your books, it will be worth it even if you have to lug them here and there when you move.

Mimi said...

I also don't have habits of wearing hats but I have a design in my list to knit for this winter, just to have a change from my usual cardis.
I am sure your lovely hats will be a great gift.
Oh knitting books, I am addicted to them! ;)

R a i n said...

I think it's okay to give them as gifts since they are handmade. Allowing them to choose is also a great idea. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

*drool* (that's for your book collection...)

Mei said...

I don't see a problem in giving them away! :) Just wash and dry them before packing them up. ^.^

bradyphrenia said...

those are all great books, but if you are looking to make shapely calf-friendly socks, i would start with toe-up simple stockinette socks and work with increases up the calf.

once you do that, it'll be easier to know how to integrate shaping into stitch patterns.

just $.02 from another knitter with large calves. :-)

Sachi said...

I would totally give hats as gifts. You just pick the ones that you think fit the personality.

Peggy said...

I think hats are great gifts! They're handknit... isn't that the best gift of all?

Stephanie said...

Have you checked out Grumperina's blog? She makes a lot of socks and she also has shapely calves.

Your books are great choices! And it's fine to give away the hats as gifts.

Queen Frogger said...

Your hats are lovely ... I don't ever wear a hat but have knitted them!

happyspider said...

i'm exactly the same! hats drive me loco! but i love to knit them... sadly i look stupid in them too. sigh
great little library you have there ;)