Wednesday, October 04, 2006

yarns...yarns...and more yarns

So, last friday I went all the way to Heathrow airport to pick up a friend with overload baggage. Well, I was willing to travel the 90 minutes tube not only because I'm a good friend, but also because I've asked her to bring back some chinese yarn for me.
Now, as happy as I am to get new yarns for stash addition, I realised a little too late that it's not a wise thing to ask a non-knitter to buy you yarn without specifications. Worse when you must pay for them. Oh, and I taught her to knit before, so I can safely say there's nothing wrong with her taste, it's just that she's pretty clueless about yarn quantity and price.
First she got me these yarns...

While they ARE beautiful(check out those tweeds!), they certainly are not chinese and they cost a total of about 70 bucks. What the heck can I do with a 40g skein of ribbon yarn anyway?
Then these...

are wool yarn from HYX that cost a staggering 15 bucks in total.
Problem? What should I knit with 500g of laceweight yarn???
Anyway, I AM happy to get these beautiful yarns, but I've learned my lesson. Next time, specify what you want.

Lately I've been spending my days and night working on Patsy while doing a Sex and The City marathon. I can't wait to finish something and cast on for something new!
Oh, I almost forgot, I've joined the Socktoberfest again! Woohoo! It should be fun because I've got tons of beautiful sock yarns in my stash that I'm just too lazy to knit up. But I'll only work on them after I'm done with Pomatomus....long long journey ahead.


Sachi said...

Ah! Why didn't I think of that? Mom's in Japan and I don't know if she'll call before coming home. Argh!!!!

opportunityknits said...

Use the ribbon yarns for accent when you want to add a different touch to some ribbing or as an edging to your knitting? 500g of lace weight may be enough for a smallish shawl? But I know what you mean, it can sometimes be difficult even for a knitter to buy yarn for someone else without having specific details :)

Mimi said...

Your new yarns are so pretty, I am sure you'll find a way to knit with them. Erin's suggestion is a good one.
I thought that two to three skeins of HWX would be enought for a shawl. Did your friend bought the yarn in Shanghai?

joy said...

hehe, you won't need to buy shawl yarn for a while. :-) But aren't the prices so amazing?

BTW, I saw the tweed yarn in HK too, and it's gorgeous! I think it's probably the same as Jo Sharp Silkroad aran.

Laura.Y said...

Gosh..:) Everytime I see ur yarns I come close to breaking my yarn diet! Bad Girl! Those yarns are yummy.

kessa said...

Love the tweed! As for 500g of laceweight... Maybe you can hold them together to make a heavier weight yarn?