Friday, September 15, 2006

Let's catch up...

Here comes the long long belated updates ;)
Upcoming first, the FOs!

Pattern Source : Anna Bell
Yarn : Jo Sharp Dessert Cotton DK 7 skeins "Freesia"
Needle : 4.00 mm Addi
Comments : After almost a month I finally sew up the buttons for Cherry. My mom complained that the arm parts are too tight, but other than that, I think she likes it. In my family, we don't say "thank you" much, but I like to think that our appreciation towards each other are understood without the need of words. Anyway, she was a quick knit, though the pattern was a little confusing at the beginning. The yarn was really nice too, and also great value from WEBS sale.

Pattern Source :
Yarn : Debbie Bliss Maya 1 hank
Needle : 4.00 mm Addi
Comments : Don't worry, she's not alone, I just haven't got anybody who could take the pic of both my hands. The DB Maya has been sitting in my closet here at home for 8 months, so it feels good to finally use it. It was quite a quick knit, but took me a week because I knitted it during my trip to Penang and Singapore.

Spiral Madness
Pattern Source : Nona
Yarn : Rowan Kid Classic 2 skeins
Needle : 5.00 mm
Comments : This is a very belated birthday gift that I finally gave to my friend back in August. In case you're wondering, her birthday was back in March.

Flower Washcloth
Pattern Source : Weekend Knitting
Yarn : Bernat Cotton Tots
Needle : 4.00 mm
Comments : My very first washcloth ever! Can anyone tell me what it's for? Am I supposed to use it to dry my face or wet it with soap?

Now for the WIPs

I knitted this Booga Bag before I came back with the Noro Kureyon that my SP gifted me and planned to felt it after I got home. Well, at least I tried to felt it. After about 3 hours on strong cycle with 3 pairs of jeans and changing the water every half an hour because it keeps turrning blue, it's still not felted enough. I think I can blame my stupid washing machine for not having a hot wash cycle for that.

This is supposed to be a vest of some kind, but I'm not sure yet. The yarn is K1C2 Second Time Cotton, the plan is to combine it with K1C2 Truffle for accent.

Another Fetching, this time with much longer arm. Unlike the one above, this is one isn't getting any partner. Instead I'm going to knit a Panta to go with it as birthday present for my friend. She asked for a pair of gloves and a hat, but I said "No way " straight away. So she bargained and she got one long armwarmer and a hat. The thing is, I don't think I have enough yarn left for a hat, so a headband it is.

Meet Patsy, she is from Rowan 36(If I remember correctly). I just happened to have the exact yarn, which is Rowanspun 4 ply in the exact pink colour, though not exact amount. No big deal though, I think I can manage with a shorter sleeve. She is growing ever so slowly on my 3.25mm needles.

Now for the dye job. I managed to get my cousin to buy me some Koolaid before she came back from the USA, yay! I asked for some white Patons classic wool too, but instead she got me some novelty yarn from dollar know how I feel about them, right? Anyway, these are just a few experiments.

Too bad I haven't got complete Koolaid colours, so no blues and purples for me. I didn't follow any tutorial exactly, just read lots of them and gather the information. Oh, for your information, I used microwave and plastic containers. Now I can't wait to knit them up, but I haven't got my ballwinders!

This post was written weeks ago, but I couldn't post it because the terrible internet connection back at home. Yeah....I'm back at the UK now! I'll elaborate on my next post, and I have to show off some amazing gifts I got too! My whole body is aching me....gotta go to sleep, cya!


Vanessa said...

Glad you're back! Hope you're are well rested. Looks like you got a lot of knitting done during your break. So many pretty FO's. Love the spiral madness and the pink washcloth. Can't wait to see more of Patsy.

Kelly said...

Wow, you've been productive! what great FOs. I bought the same color yarn for Cherry at webs, yours is good motivation to finally cast on.

Toni said...

YOu have been busy! I love, love, love Cherry. Very flattering on you--the arm parts don't look too tight at all.

Mimi said...

Wow! You must be very proud of yourself with so many nice projects. I am sure your mom likes your "Anna Bell". The sleeves will be fine as cotton tend to stretch after a few wearings.
I think you could use your washcloth either way as you mentioned. ;)

joy said...

Wow, what pretty FOs! Don't give up on the felted bag; you might have to hand felt it. I love the colors!

opportunityknits said...

It's so fun to see all your Fos and new projects. Your mum's cherry cardi is really pretty in that yellow. And the spiral madness looks so stylish - I'm in a black obsession right now!

Lolly said...

You have been SO busy! I just adore your Cherry cardigan, and all of your smaller FOs. Brava!

Peggy said...

WOw! Sooo many new things! Cherry turned out beautifully and I love the colors of the purple/violet Fetching. The dishcloth is cute too!

sue said...

I love your finished projects. They look so nice, and the colors are great too. It is nice to finally hear from you too.

ambermoggie said...

love the FOs:) I can send you some koolaid if you wish, a very small thank you really for being such a wonderful SP
amber in Scotland

kessa said...

Yo~ I think I know which rowanspun yarn you're talking about. How much more of those do u need (if you do) Mine are sitting around doing nothing. ;)

mona said...

Anna bell is gorgeous.

What a lovely fresh colour