Wednesday, March 15, 2006


There have been lots of happenings in my little blog here...
1. I'm officially a hooker!
2. I joined a gym!(let's hope it'll last for more than 2 months this time)
3. I cast on for a new project(surprise, surprise...)
4. I just came back from my first official Stitch & Bitch!

Okay, so there are lots more, some new yarns, new projects at school, etc.

So, last week this book arrived in the mail, and it turned out to be a big mistake for me. Why? Because I'm a knitter! And now I'm in love with so many patterns in that book that I want to crochet more and more!
There's a birthday this weekend, and since I'm too poor to buy present that's special enough, I decide that something hand made is possibly the best thing I could give someone. Since it'll take me ages to knit a scarf, I decided to crochet one.

(I have no idea why the picture looks all hazy)
One(Half) Skein Scarf, from SnB Crochet
Yarn : Sirdar Aran less than 100g
I love this pattern! It's so easy and simple, took so little yarn and so fast to crochet! I might need to make one for myself in nicer yarn ;D
It took me a while at first to get used to crocheting again, but I sped up quite soon. I finished it in only 2 days!

I actually felt a bit guilty for not knitting, and I need a project to bring with me to the SnB(not that I don't have tons of WIPs lying around). So...I cast on again! Big news, huh? I'm not showing yet, though you could see what it is on the side bar. Actually, inspired by other bloggers who took their knitting outdoor and around
town, I'm going to do the same tomorrow! So watch out for it ;)

This evening, I met up with Peri(hey Peri!) and we built up our courage to attend the local SnB together. I'm glad I did. The other knitters were really friendly, and even though I didn't get to knit much(I frogged more than I knit), it was really quite fun that 2 hours seemed to pass by so quickly.
I think I'm going back next week ;)

I know I've been such a bad blogger, not updating for weeks and all that. No excuse for me this time, I was just being lazy. I do have a 1500 words essay due next Monday though, and I only have about 200 words so far, so I might use that as an excuse next time ;p.
Oh, I almost forgot! My blogiversary is coming soon! I can't believe it! Shall we have a little contest for celebration then? Anyone who leave a comment this time will be in, and I'll do a draw on the big day. No idea for the prize yet, but I'll figure something out ;)

I feel so far from where I've been


alltangledup said...

crochet... no.. that eats into knitting time ;-) Seriously inspite of years of trying on and off, the crochet bug has never bitten me. good luck on the essay .. only 1300 more words to go... (am so happy those student days are behind me

erin said...

Glad to hear you've met some knit buddies! I like to crochet too, and you are right, it is faster than knitting.

Stephanie said...

Ooooh nice scarf. I might have to dig up those hooks I own.... somewhere....

luv2stitch said...

Happy blogiversary! Hhmm, kitchen appliances...I use them for craft projects. :) Great job on the scarf. The book has great ideas.

Mimi said...

Oh, it's exciting to meet new knitters! There is always so much to talk about knitting! :)
Your scarf will be a lovely gift!

joy said...

Good luck with the essay. Can't wait for your round town pics! :)

Sachi said...

I started to crochet because I couldn't get the hang of knitting. Last year, things just clicked and now I do both.

Crochet uses up more yarn so I usually use acrylics or cottons (cheaper) but it often works up faster. For clothing, definately stick with the knit!