Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Year Two Thousand Six

In another few hours, I'll be leaving home again and start a brand new adventure in the UK!! I'm feeling a tad nervous, but more excited than anything else. I'm really thankful for everyone's supports by leaving me comments ;).
Anyway, you might've guessed that I'm a last-minute packer. In fact, I just finished packing half an hour ago ;D Luckily my parents are going with me, so I can bring more stuff(read: yarn). My baggage includes one very big luggage, one medium sized luggage, and two cabin sized hand bag. And I only manage to take about half my stash. Never mind, the thought of those gorgeous English yarn makes it much bearable.
I'm also well prepared for the loooong flight. A very thick novel(The Time Traveller's Wife), a Sudoku book, my mini iPod, and finaly, a 5mm wooden needle(I won't risk losing my Addis), and 4 skeins of yarn.

I finished the Bulky Cabled Cardigan few days ago, literally. I weaved on all ends, and even got some pretty oyster buttons for it, it's even blocked! In case you didn't notice, this is the first time I actually get around putting buttons on my FO. The other time, I was usually too consumed with other WIPs that I just left the FOs button-less.
The cardigan is already packed, will show you some pictures when I get there ;)

I'll need to go to bed soon, as my dad is a firm believer of get-to-the-airport-2-hours-before-flight, so I'll have to wake up at 4(!) tomorrow.

One last thing, I just sold my beloved PDA phone yesterday and get myself a new walkman phone. I'm really sad because PDA is just so convenient for taking .pdf patterns around with me. Gonna miss it.

See ya guys, I'll report once I've settled down there.
Happy New Year everyone!


Suzanne said...

Good luck on your flight! If you have your needles it should be ok--my last long flight I wore my hands out and actually was TIRED of knitting. Did not think it was possible!

Cannot wait to hear what you think of the UK!

Vanessa said...

Hi Yuvee, good luck and have a safe flight.

erin said...

Have a good flight Yuvee. So exciting to start school in England. Settle down soon, I'm really looking forward to hearing more from you.

Lois said...

have a safe trip! cya on YIM soon.

Mimi said...

Oh! Yuvee, you are going to UK already. Hope you settle down soon and post news to us. Have a good and a enjoyable trip. I see you are well prepared with the needles and yarn!:D

joy said...

Sounds like you're well prepared for your trip! Look forward to hearing from you when you settle down.

emy said...

Good luck with UK! I am sure you'll get to use all the sweaters you knit, you lucky gal! :)