Saturday, December 17, 2005

Updates...(okay, I'm bad at titles)

I just came back 2 days ago from a 4-day holiday in Bali. Now, holiday in Bali should be easily described as "fun on the beach and under the sun", right? Not so in my case..."lots of rain and bargaining" is more like it. I did get some great bargains though ;D.
Anyway, I'm at my cousin's house and we just baked some brownies! The kind with LOTS of chocolates. Yumm...
Well, here's the FO and WIP pictures promised...
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Mini sweater
Pattern from Glampyre.
Yarn used, Madil Eden, 100% Bamboo, 5 skeins.
Alterations, very different gauge, no puffy sleeves, yarn-overs increase. I still haven't decided on the closure though.
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Backyard Leaves Scarf
Pattern from Scarf Style, thanks Janet!
Yarn used, 3 skeins of Filatura Di Crosa Zara. Did 12 pattern repeat for each side.
This is the WIP pictures, since I haven't blockes the scarf yet. Don't you think the popping leaves are just so cute?
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I've done the back and started a sleeve of Jemima, but then...I cast on for another project and have been completely neglecting her. Sorry girl, will get back to you as soon as this is done.
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And this is what I've been knitting for the past few days. Glampyre's Bulky Cabled Cardigan in Rowan Polar. I LOVE the pattern. It's so simple and easy...and fast too. What more could you ask for? After knitted 3 Glampyre's top-down pattern (OSW, Minisweater, and this), I think I might be ready to knit my own.

My days are currently filled with lots of shopping for school preparation. To be honest, I'm really nervous since I've never lived in an English speaking country before. What if nobody understands me? I'm worried about cultural clash everyone who'd been to UK or is living there give me some advice? It would be really appreciated.


Laura.Y said...

Glad to hear from you again! :) Sounds like you are having loads of fun right now. Your knitting is going so fast! Don't worry bout UK dearie, I'm sure you'll really enjoy there. Not to mention is Rowan City tere..:D

knitties said...

Your projects all look wonderful. No worries about England, I studied there for 6 years and survived :) I'm sure you'll make lots of friends and get through the cultural barrier, there's not so much of that now with so many international students.

happyspider said...

wow!!! everything looks great! i sympathise with the multiple projects, why does one crave the cast-on so much when its the cast-off that gives the biggest buzz?
and in regards to being in an english speaking country... dont be afraid to ask people to repeat things or slow down. i think the worst mistake you can make is to smile and nod if you dont quite follow the conversation. be confident and your great personality will win the day :)

erin said...

So many lovely projects. Don't worry Yuvee, you'll do just fine in England!

Ling said...

Hi. I've been lurking in your blog for ages. Just wanted to say "my you are a fast knitter"! Lovely projects! Also, where are you going to be based in the UK? I'm in London and if you need anything just shout! I'm a Malaysian gal but I've been here for 16 years. I do understand the apprehension about going so far from home. Remember to pack warm things becos it's f***ing freezing at the moment!!!!

Mimi said...

Wow! You are really having a good time with all those wips. Can't wait to see you finishing them!
I am sure you'll be just fine in UK. I can see you in my mind, blogging in UK about all those nice yarn shops! :D

Vanessa said...

Wow you've been a busy bee lately. I love your bulky cabled cardigan. I'm sure you'll do fine in UK, you have such great personality. Just enjoy all those rowan goodies :)